Craig Cowles | Chief Operating Officer | ProCollege Planners

Craig Cowles

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Craig is Co-founder of ProCollege Planners. He is a graduate of Excelsior College with a Bachelor of Science Degree and attended the University of Arizona. He also has a graduate certificate in Financial Planning from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business and is a Certified Financial Planning(tm) practitioner.

Craig’s journey to college was simple: it was the college in town. There was no visiting of campuses or doing a large scale search of what would work, so he just went to the most convenient and affordable for his family. He really wanted to go to an aviation school, but were unaffordable to his parents due to the flight cost. His parents really did not have planning help, and knew nothing about family contributions and how there was help out there.

Craig just wants to help other families out there with making the right choices. He has over 20 years of experience with personal planning, so he truly understands how a family’s personal wealth works giving him greater insight into college planning.

He is currently a pilot, having gone from an aviation career to his roots of general flying. He has a wife and two boys, both who will be attending college in the future.