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    College Consultation


    The Aid and Financial Consultation is by far the best first step for families who just want to get the basic understanding of what college will actually cost them. This is a scenario based consultation that takes about 90 minutes to complete with the planner. Here is what you get for the service..

    Main Features:

    [caption id="attachment_2230" align="alignright" width="348"] College Money Report[/caption]

    College Money Report

    • How much colleges think you can afford.
    • If you will qualify for grants and/or scholarships.
    • How much you will be expected to pay out of pocket.

    Family Cash Flow Report

    • Visualization of how the bottom line will look each year based on the college report
    • How changing your financial picture could help improve your cash flow
    • How college costs will impact your ability to retire comfortably
    [caption id="attachment_2231" align="alignright" width="348"] Cash Flow Report[/caption]

    Benefits to you:

    • Working with a CFP™ Practitioner on the plan
    • Peace of mind knowing that you have a real picture of what it will cost
    • Having a future action plan for making sure you have the greatest possible outcome
    • A solid first step in getting your college planning started

    Eligibility: Parents of students who are entering freshman in High School or later.

    Time Frame: 2 weeks until completion

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    College Money Report


    Get a fully customized report that demystifies your student’s college financial aid outlook.

    Your College Money Report™ gives you answers to 3 critical things every family needs to know before entering the college funding maze.

    1. How much colleges think you can afford.
    2. If you will qualify for grants and/or scholarships.
    3. How much you will be expected to pay out of pocket.

    You can’t afford to miss getting this report! With the ability to select up to three schools for comparison, you will save hours of time by getting the immediate facts about college costs!

    WHO IS THIS FOR: Parents who are looking for what their cost will be based on ACTUAL family information. ESSENTIAL report before FAFSA application!!




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    Complete College Planning Service

    $375.00 / month for 12 months

    Our ultimate “peace of mind” full-service college enrollment and financial planning solution. This uses our unique “CS3 Method” designed to help your child find the “Right Fit” college that offers an extraordinary experience combined with what your child needs for their academic future and, most importantly, helps you reduce stress, save time and lower cost.

    Our team of college experts will help your family with everything you need to find the ideal school that will fit your family academically, socially, and of course, financially.

    College and Retirement Financial Planning
    Guidance by a Certified Financial Planner practitioner experienced in the art of college funding. We’ll design a comprehensive, tax-efficient financial college funding strategy that helps plan how you can pay for college and what is most important to you, such as retirement, beyond.

    Expected Family Contribution
    Determine your EFC and plan your budget that you want and can afford to pay to help you understand your potential initial cost and opportunities for aid. We also look at opportunities to lower your EFC to qualify for additional aid and lower cost, when possible.

    Career Assessment
    Our career assessment process is designed to help discover what major your child should pursue based on their abilities and temperament. We’ll help explore trends, job duties, working conditions, how much money they can make, and more. Most importantly, we’ll explore their options and help identify schools to include on your list that excel in the academic field of choice – and who offer the most money!

    Right College/Right Fit Positioning
    Working with your child and you, we help identify the criteria that establish a good fit campus experience that meets their personality and family goals and who will give the most money. We help cast a wider net, searching ALL 4-year private and public universities they qualify to attend. We then help you to build an ideal list of 6-10 schools that have what your family needs, best suited for their interests and your budget, so that their experience on campus provides opportunities for excellence well into the future.

    Forms Completion
    Our team helps assist you in completing all important financial aid forms and applications accurately to maximize aid. We’ll help ensure consistency between all forms, help you file on time and reduce the errors and inconsistencies that often result in families paying more than they should for college.

    Awards and Appeals
    Analysis of Award Letters to show you the exact amount you’ll end up paying. Then we help you with appeals when it makes sense to, providing guidance on appropriateness, language, timing and etiquette in order to maximize gift aid you never have to repay. We also provide guidance on student loans, which are offered as a component every college award letter.

    Test Prep
    Our test prep program designed by Princeton graduates assesses a benchmark and then designs a curriculum to focus on improving the areas that need it the most. It provides training in all three areas of learning – reading, hearing, seeing and has been proven to increase test scores. Higher scores = greater awards!

    Essay Writing Assistance (additional cost)
    Live and internet-based help to review and assist in designing an essay that will excite admissions personnel, improving chances for admittance and aid.



  • Financial Optimizer Plan


    This by far is our MOST POPULAR program with families!

    • Shows you how to pay for college WITHOUT taking money away from retirement!
    • Learn how to look the best on paper for getting MORE merit aid!
    • Learn how to AVOID future taxation on your hard earned growth!
  • Forms and Awards


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  • Hourly Consulting


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  • Private Counselor


    College Selection is the most important part of the college process. We call it Student Positioning, selection of the right college for each individual student.

    All colleges use a relatively new management position in the development of the incoming freshmen class called an Enrollment Manager. We have reversed engineered the Enrollment Manager goals into a college selection program exclusive to our college-bound student. Along with a consult by a professional counselor, families utilize our proprietary Student Positioning program to properly and effectively complete their college search.

    College “Fit” is the goal of any fee-based college counselor. The norm is to select a college that fits the student academically and socially. In light of enrollment management, we have added a third criterion to the process of selecting a college: financial. Our goal, simply stated, is to find a college that fits the student academically and socially, as well as fitting the family financially. When you do all three, you will find a college which creates the best fit for everyone in the family. This process creates the best return on your investment for higher education goals of the entire family.

    Student Positioning

    Student Positioning is a comprehensive “College Fit” program that has helped thousands of clients for over two decades. Our proprietary system is designed to help students thrive at college and set them up for lifelong success. We help families identify colleges that fit their children academically, socially and financially.

    Academic: We help you understand your student’s potential for obtaining admission into a college based upon the student’s academic background and the school’s historical admissions data. We also provide where your student will rank historically in the university class.

    Social: We want students to have a wonderful college experience in which they explore, learn and grow and create lifelong friendships. Therefore, we provide you with a wide array of information to help you assess the social environment: campus location, size, athletic programs, extracurricular activities, number of student organizations, on-campus living and student diversity.

    Financial: We help you choose the best university for your student and potentially save you thousands annually. The amount of financial support varies significantly by college. Therefore, some schools with higher tuition fees may actually be more affordable. We help you identify “best fit” schools that also provide strong financial support.

    Services include:

    • Career assessment

    • Guidance on selection of major

    • Guidance on selection of colleges

    • Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculation