Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for college not like it was in the past. It may have seen easy when your parents did it. Cost of tuition was in line with income, getting into schools was not as difficult, That has all changed because of two things: cost and competition. Today, it is much harder to get into schools of choice let alone afford the bill that has compounded on an average of 6% over 30 years. Navigating these problems require a unique skillset…that is what we do best.

We didn’t get into this just because we come from a college admissions perspective. Our founders are Certified Financial Planner(tm) professionals, highly trained and skilled in the financial aspect of planning for college. We have a team of admissions professionals on top of that. It what makes us unique in the the area of college planning.

Most schools have a person have a designated professional to help place students at their choice school. They do a fantastic job and are dedicated to make their school top in choice admissions. However, they are an army of one for the entire school and the personal time is limited.  We augment the counselors work, not replace it. 

Yes, you absolutely can. Some people are just great at learning the ropes. The people we help typically hire us like you would hire a lawyer or plumber. You could remodel your kitchen, but why when there are a lot of mistakes to be made if you have never done it? This is the same as what college admissions and aid has done, made it sound easy but in reality difficult to get right the first time. This can result in costing thousands to you in unnecessary lost dollars that impact your financial future. 

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