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What our parents say:


Most parents experience both excitement and stress preparing for college but there are two that are THE MOST concerning: how much can they afford and what is the right school? Parents eventually become overwhelmed with the whole process spending hundreds of hours preparing in the hopes that it will all work out! Eventually, they find out that the help they were given by schools and counselors did not do the job 

At ProCollege Planners, our mission is to prepare students and parents in selecting and paying for the right college using a proven process so they can pay the least cost and get the best education that fits!

By enrolling in our program you could potentially reduce your average college cost by $55,000, and often more*, even for high income and high asset families that believe they won’t qualify for aid!

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Pick the​ College that Fits

Most families are not sure what is the right fit college for their child. So they just apply to about 1% of the total of 4,298 (2019)

Building the Right Strategy

Have a roadmap for college with every child so that you don’t feel stressed our burdened. We develop that personal strategy for your peace of mind.

The CS3 Process

Putting the puzzle together involves a method, so our CollegeSuccess in 3 steps gets you there by organizing everything in one place.

The Founders

Our Programs

**Most Popular**

College Report

Your “Insider” report to know your true net cost for college, including your peak behind the curtain of what schools are giving for aid and academic qualifying standards.

Counselor Program

Our comprehensive, end-to-end program with a personal counseling team.
$3797 or $347 / month*

A streamlined package to help you build your ideal list of 6-10 colleges that best fit your child, where they’ll thrive and where you’ll get the most money but who don’t need help with forms filing, awards and appeals.
$1497 or $147/month*

An Introduction to Our Process

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*Actual results are based on a family’s financial situation, college applied, and completing the required college forms correctly. Results significantly vary as these results have been an average of overall client success.